Does this external HDD work with Vista and PS3?…ons

    wondering if anyone has one of these and knows if it does or not?

    or has a link to an under £50 external drive.

    thanks in advance, will leave rep.


    Sure works with Vista, but there are certain issues with it not worrking if been connected for a long time. but might be a one off thing. not sure about the ps3 though.

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    That sort of thing should work with any modern OS, I can't comment on the PS3 either though.

    The biggest issue with the portable hard drives is that they don't work on some USB ports. Most drives come with a second USB cable or a split USB cable to provide more power to make them work but I can't see any mention of that in the specs on ebuyer, although the manufacturer's website may say.

    I got a 160GB laCie mobile disk from dabs in January for £56 which has been great, they don't seem to be doing it anymore though. You might be able to get the western digital portable elements 160GB for around £50 too, PC world had it on display last time I went in. Make sure it's the portable version though, there's a similar desktop version.

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    found this one, thanks endless, added rep.

    anyone know if this one works with PS3?
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