does this look like a fraud to you

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and what protection will I get from ebay. This guy/gal says he has 10 more of these echo spots left but they are just so there a scam I should be aware of?…d:1
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Don't know, what sort of price are they normally?
If you pay with PayPal and it doesn't turn up you'll get your money back anyway, if you don't mind having £40 tied up for a few days give it a go.
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Selling price for these is around £100 mark , so i would go with the old if it looks too good to be true....... I'm guessing either hacked account or maybe you will be sent a fake. Let's face it if these were genuine he could sell them for far more.

Although if you do decide to buy , please make sure you pay by PayPal at least.
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Hacked account
I think if you buy this it is basically a waste of time. My impression is the account has been hijacked for a short term gain from the fraudster. It happens quite often. In this case the last item the account sold was one item a month ago. Motoring related. The fraudster likes this account because it’s go good reviews and the owner isn’t using it to sell anything at the moment so may be unaware for a while it’s been compromised. The other suspicious aspect is who has that many amazon echos etc to sell all of a sudden and why would anyone in their right mind want to sell them at that price?
If it’s legit then fill your boots!
Thanks all...I have tried one "for a punt" and payed by PayPal as per the advice
Also selling full size version 1 Echos for £38.

Looks dodgy to me.

The reviews on the Spot also look like copy/ paste descriptions of the Spot
@chrisnoon74 listing has been removed, definite scam. Good luck getting your money back OP!
you were right guys....ebay cancelled the order "compromised account" thanks all for you help and good to see eBay systems work
I asked Ebay to check the account wasn’t compromised when you posted, I’m sure others also asked the question
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