does this phone purchase make sense (keeping costs down)

Posted 18th Oct 2020
hopefully i don't confuse anyone here

im going to be buying the iphone 11 and have a thought regarding this, if i buy sim free from apple its going to be around £650, over 2 years that would be £27.04 for two years with 0% (assuming i get that rate or is it based on credit check?)

i would then need to find a cheap sim say for round about £10 (three, unlimited data etc) which could potentially take me to £37 give or take all in

i currently have a sim only from three which i pay £24 for unlimited data, 200 mins (which i never use)

i can get a contract with three from affordable mobiles for £35 for 24 months (100gb data, unlimited calls, texts)

the point im trying to make is ive paid £24 for years and years and hasn't bothered me as im not tied to them and like the choice of being able to leave, if i don't mind paying the extra tenner for a new contract, its not really going to sting like forking out £650 on a phone

is there any sense in that? hopefully there is

EDIT: i forgot to add, ive been with three that long i probably wouldnt switch so the whole not being tied to them thing is a bit silly to be honest
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