Does this power bank seem dodgy?

Posted 24th Nov
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I wouldn’t trust it...
So many unbranded/cheap eBay ones have been known to overheat/catch fire. I work in a phone shop and hear horror stories.
I can't figure out how they get to 900,000mah in a device that small. Compare it's physical size with a reputable device manufacturer such as this from Aukey that can 'only' get 20,000 mah capacity in their device;…JLG

As mentioned above, even if it did manage to work without disappearing in a cloud of smoke, I'd be amazed if you get 1% of the quoted capacity.
900,000mah Looool.
Ampere-hour measurements on power banks tend to be dubious even from brands that should know better. It's a value that's dependant on voltage and they rarely measure them at the output voltage of the power bank, but use various dodges like measuring at internal battery voltage. You should go by Watt-hour (Wh) figures whenever available.

But yeah, even assuming it's measured at the most common dodgy figure of 3.7V instead of 5V then 900Ah would be physically impossible for a battery the size of a large phone that's depicted in the pictures.

12 hours charge time would also require it was pulling 277 watts on average, while the latest USB power spec tops out at 100W and a cheap power bank like that is unlikely to be able to draw more than about 18-20W at most. A roughly 3.3kWh battery will take a minimum of several days to charge over USB.
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Stick to brands you might know, I swear by Anker
At 900,000mah it'll probably take a month to charge and you'll need a sack trolley to move it. I very much doubt its even 9000mah of poor quality cells and poorly put together circuitry.

Stick with the known brands.
They have a bunch of large capacity power banks 39100412-6rPZf.jpg
adz201024/11/2019 14:54

Stick to brands you might know, I swear by Anker

After a few months with an Anker product, "by" usually morphs to "at".
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