Does this website seem dodgy?

    Its a 'pay to click' website that has been set up fairly recently.

    Does it seem dodgy to anyone?

    And are there any risks to signing up to these kind of things?

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    Looks a bit dodgy!! There are many site out there for pay per click!! Are you one at the moment and what kind of links are going to be linked to it? You only get like 0.5p from a click!

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    Nah i haven't done one before.

    Well actually its only 2.5p a click cos its in dollars, but the value of a click does change daily. Yesterday it was 10p. Also, with alot of referals, your income can quadruple.

    Why are there any better pay per click sites that offer alot more money?

    Thats waht you are going to get!! But to play it clever re-direct it through 4-5 Pay Per Click sites and like that from click it will be like 4 clicks!! Get me??? But can be annoying from a users point of view!!

    looks like some kinda pyramid scheme and i personally wouldnt touch it

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    What do you mean by pyramid scheme?

    I'm a member of a couple of american ones that pay you to click on the email links they send. Wowearnings is one can't remember the other. I got to about $25 dollers and now it doesn't move, the amount i have in my account hasn't changed for well over 12 months so don't do it anymore as you need about $50 to get a payout!!
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