Does unlock mobile phone void warranty

Found 1st Apr 2011
I bought my Orange SF two weeks ago from Argos and want to unlock it so i can use it on O2, will unlocking void warranty?
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Not sure if it does but I unlocked and ROM'ed mine from Argos. When the screen stopped responding put the original ROM back on and they swapped it straight away. Was only two weeks old so not sure what would have happened if they had had to send it away to be repaired.
Yes. You are modifyingthe condition of the phone that was sold to you in and would void your warranty if you did.
Maybe, but when it comes to claiming they're not going to check. I doubt they'd even pick up on a flashed ROM.

Remember that Orange themselves can unlock phones (for a fee of course), so what's to say it wasn't done officially? Just do it, you'll be fine. I returned an unlocked and flashed one just fine - I did a swap at my front door with the courier, so Orange don't even check your old one over before a replacement is handed over.
It depends on how thoroughly they check the phone when / if you return it, which I guess might be influenced by how long you’ve had it. If they were looking for a reason to deny exchanging you, they are well within their rites to refuse if they notice it’s unlocked – who’s to say the problem with your phone isn’t a result of it being tampered with’ would be their argument.
However, as long as you return the original sim with it, I don’t see they would have any reason to check and therefore you should be fine. But technically, you are violating the warranty, even if you’ll probably get away with it.
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