Does virtually nobody play GTA IV on Live anymore??!

Found 16th Nov 2008
Sup all,

I just used a 1 month Live card so I could play some GTA online for the first time since it was released.

I'm suprised to see virtually nobody is playing online ranked matches. There are the odd few in a deathmatch now and then and in Hangmans Noose but nobody's racing. I managed 1 race last night before giving up as I'd just end up sitting in a lobby alone.

I don't think it's my setup - everything's fully open, etc. When a game finally comes around (once in a blue moon) everything's good.

When I was playing a few months ago there were a dozen people guarateed in every lobby when I connected.

I really fancy a bit of racing.

What's the deal?


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awful game, not many ppl played it a week after it came out lol


Thanks for the heads up won't bother using my live code just yet then.

not been on gta in aaaaaaages!
Went back to cod4 :P

Now on GOW2

my GT's Stu900 if you want to add, and i'll let you whoop me on some races

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I've gotta start aquiring 360 games, for sure...

The frustrating part isn't as much the fact no ones playing - it's that the load times are so god-awfully, painfully slow, it takes an eternity to find out nobodies playing just one small part of the multiplayer, then another 15 eternities to find out no one's playing the rest.

Oh and when someone finally IS in a game the ****er doesn't realise he's hosting and he just sits there without hitting 'accept', so you're pretty much sitting there FOREVER, at least until you hit 'Back', launch the controller and bust out the Nintendo DS.

No fun at all!


No one does race on GTAIV (get a racing game!) everyone does TDM or freeroam.
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