Does Zonealarm work with Vista?

Found 10th Dec 2007
Hallo all,

Iv got Vista Buisness and im worried that iv heard that Zonealarm doesnt work with Vista?
is this true and can you recommend a free one?
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You need Zonealarm 7.1xxx for Vista (as opposed to 7.0xxx which is for 2000/XP)

Download this utility which will allow you to chose the right version and it will download the correct installer for Vista.

thanks barney!

You wouldnt happen to know where i can get the proper version AVG free spyware 7.5? iv got it but its always black which means there
is a problem, iv updated it and everything but its still a grey icon.
Left click on the AVG icon in the system tray at the bottom of the screen (that's where it is on XP) and there's an option "Check For Updates" click on that

Or double right click on the desk top icon click on service, the click check for updates.

If you haven't updated for a while there will be a few to download so you will have to do this until you have downloaded the whole list
If it's a problem with your AVG installation you can download a new copy ]here

You will have to install updates to this to.
no barney its just the Spyware one im needing, thats the antivirus your on about isnt it...

Sorry , try this, is only a trail though not a free one

]AVG Spyware

It may not let you use it if you haven't got a paid for version of it
There is a free version, I didn't know that

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