Dog Bed - Argod Vouchers anyone...?

Found 24th Jul 2007

Am buying the bed for our Boxer: -


Not seen any Argos vouchers for ages, but was just wondering if anyone has got any / seen any recently!

Since I started using HUKD, I just resent paying full price for anything now lol!

Thanks in advance.



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BTW - ignore the typo in the title, Argod isn't a specialist pet supply company, it should obviously read Argos, apologies!!!!

Argos don't do discount vouchers,well I've never seen them ever.
You can get Nectar points if you go through Nectar eStores.

Have you tried any of your local pound style shops,I've been seeing some fabulous dog beds in them lately,soft cushion ones with wicker baskets or really soft huge cushions,and I ain't got a dog and not likely to be but I look at everything regardless.

Hey if you want this ill sell you it for £15 del
I got it for a dog we were gunna get but we didnt get it in the end

There is a ]Mucky Pup Dog Bed half price at Argos at the moment if that would be suitable!

Don't know what the stock level is for your local Argos though!

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Thanks everyone - Shiesh we have had beds like that before and he won't settle on them (keeps falling off lol!)

Dandoc2 - thanks for the offer, but Union Jack won't go with our decor (lol!).

Will go down the nectar estore route though I think!

Thanks again peeps!
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