Dog car sickness - any tips?

    My sister has a 6 month old dog and it is always hideously sick (several times) when they take it in the car - does anyone have any top tips on how to stop it being sick?

    Someone she knows has recommmended she use a dog harness attached to the seatbelt, but then someone else said she should black out the windows so it can't see out ...?

    They don't feed the dog at all the day they travel, stop frequently to let her have a run, and she travels lying on the back seat.


    Top Tip for saving the car seats........................leave it at home. :-D

    Mine used to be the same but grew out of it.

    If possible, use a dog bag.... will try and get a link.…ag/ My dog was terrible at travelling, but when you make them a "den" they seem to cope better

    We used to get dog travel sickness tablets from the vets, cant remeber what they were called but toby grew out of it at a year old

    I'm sure you can get something for that from the vet or local pet shop etc.

    Top Tip- Dont sit next to the offending pooch :thumbsup:

    lots of very short journeys on empty stomachs - our dogs only outgrew sickness when we took them on holiday and they were out with us everyday. Good luck !! its worth it in the end they now cant wait to get in the car -15mths old and sorted!

    Mine dog used to get it terrible. The vet gave me some tablets which used to dope her up. I only used to give her half of the amount which was enough to make her sleep on the journey. It was only when we used to travel to the in laws twice a year as it was a 2 hour drive. They were only about £5 I think but she outgrew it after a couple of years.…ag/
    the jet set bag..
    are they saying you can carry it on your back, with a dog inside?!

    spikeyjacko;7575531 jet set bag.. are they saying you … jet set bag.. are they saying you can carry it on your back, with a dog inside?!

    They can shove dog weighs about 7 can bloody carry me. :lol:


    As others have said, he/she will grow out of it. Our dog is 2 now and used to throw up in the car a lot when he was young. We just kept taking him places in the car and he got used to it. He now just sleeps on long journies and was fine on an 8 hour drive to Scotland last year

    Got ours sorted on Ginger biscuits & lots of very short trips.

    She now loves going in the car & she doesn't have anything anymore

    saw a programme once. got dog to get in car itself with treats and believe then used seatbelt thing as u mentioned to make it feel safe. The dog may feel scared which is why they be sick apparently.

    Dog seat belt definately helps

    Stick its head out the window?

    Original Poster

    Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas & links - I'll pass them on to my sister so she can try them out!
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