Dog crate/cage

    Ok, heres a challenge for you deal hunters!
    [SIZE=2]I am looking for a dog crate/cage around 42" long.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Have done the usual ebay/google searches, just wondered if you guys can spot a good quality, good value one that i may not have seen. Or people may be able to reccomend a particular website to me.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]I know its a wierd one but you knever know....[/SIZE]



    Is it for carrying a dog around, or keeping a dog in on a more permananet basis?


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    It is not for carrying,we have a dalmatian, when it is fully grown i will struggle to lift it i think!
    They are mailnly used as a safe place for a dog to go, maybe for short periods if you are out of the house, would also use it in the car once he is used to it. If you search for dog crate on ebay, you will see what i mean.


    Gotcha, what's the best price you have found thus far?

    EDIT: eBay is looking pretty good with 42" cages for £38.48 delivered or 46" cages for £42.48 delivered from eBay Powersellers.


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    yeh, prices on ebay are about the best i have found, ideally want one which you can get a devider for so i can make the cage smaller untill he grows more.
    [SIZE=2]The only thing is with ebay, all of th listings say 'dont be fooled by cheaper versions...etc...' and i dont want to end up with a crappy one with sharp corners etc.[/SIZE]

    I bought 2 from ebay. The first one was brand new and at the time it was the cheapest new one I could buy. I have been really impressed with it and it still looks as good as new 3 years later. It is black coated metal with a grey plastic tray inside. The only problem was I kept bashing my door frames and car as I moved it from house to car and back again. So a few months later I bought a second hand one from ebay so that I would have one in the house and one in the car. I only paid £5 for the second hand one and it is as good as the new one. If I'd known then what I know now, I would have saved myself some money and bought 2 second hand ones. They hose down and are easy to clean. They are secure for the dog and she loves them. I don't think it is necessary to pay lots for one. The only thing I would recommend is that you look for one with 2 doors. I have found that particularly useful for use in the house.

    By the way I searched for Dog Cage.

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    Thanks for that!
    Think i will order one from ebay today for the weekend only thing is its going to be tight fitting it into the car think it will go in but not 100% sure! Can't really get one smaller than 42" or i'll have to buy another when he is bigger.
    Maybe i should buy a bigger car........!
    Do you know which seller on ebay you bought from?

    Thanks again, Phil.

    I still have the receipt filed away, but I won't have time to get it out until this evening. If you can wait that long, I will post details later.
    I have a 30" cage in the back of my Ford Focus Estate and I don't think I could fit a bigger one in. It definately wouldn't take a 42" cage. My friend has a dalmation and she has a 30" cage in her car and a 36" cage in the house.

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    thanks, not sure what to do now, might wait till after the weekend and measure properly. I have a Peugeot 206, whatever size i get it will mean folding the seats down but i think a 42" will be too tight.
    [SIZE=2]Maybe i should get the 36" and upgrade to a bigger one if and when it is needed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Think he is going to be a bit bigger than an average Dalmatian though![/SIZE]

    hi i got mine from the bargain pages its 5ft by 4ft and the best thing i ever brought, i paid £25 by the way, my dog fits her box in there and all her bedding &toys and has loads of room to move around in, shes a staffie. Worth a look i wish i'd of brought it ages ago they're a god send !!

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    thanks, found one on ebay (used) that i'm hoping to get as its local to me so no postage.
    I may as well get a second hand one for now, especially as i dont know how big he is going to grow!

    Thanks all.

    Good idea Phil. What size are you going for?

    I think these are going cheap..

    check argos sister got one for her dog from there

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    got a 36" one (used) for £19, will do for now anyway.
    Thank all!

    Brilliant. I think you will be very happy with that. Well done.
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