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    We have just put a deposit down on the cutest Basset Hound puppy yesterday, and we get him in 4 weeks but we don't have anything for him yet. We wondered if anyone has seen any good deals out there at the moment for anything at all really, were after dog basket, toys, collar, car cover, a good quality long leash, anything at all.

    I am hoping we can still pick up some sale bargains as we would like to get decent quality stuff for him so any suggestions on discounts and deals would be great.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    Buy him a dog cage instead of a bed (oh no how barbaric eh) I had never used a cage before but my dog LOVES it. We don't lock him in it BUT he understands it is his safe spot where he can go for peace and quiet when he wants it. (we bought our dog cages off ebay and amazon)

    Other than that we get most stuff from petsathome as we can try the collars and see the ball sizes etc AND your dog will be welcome there too!!

    hi,i pick up loads of bargains from my local poundland,they sell blankets.bowls,collars and leashes.Puppy toys and disposable toilet training mats.Worth paying them a visit.

    i would def go with a large cage for your puppy rather than a bed as a breeder i always recomend a cage, have you done alot of research into bassett hounds? need good selection of toys and chews to keep them amused they are known chewers and will chomp down on chair legs etc if they get the chance

    I totally agree with the cage. Make sure it isn't a cheap one though mine broke his and he is only a small dog and loved his. Look on ebay


    Try freecycle.

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    Hi Thanks all good ideas, yes we have done a LOT of research into Basset hounds and we are fully aware of what we are letting ourselves in for.

    Please keep the suggestions coming in and thanks again.

    Try "The Range". We bought a cage in there for about £25 for our little Spaniel (so he didn't ruin a brand new car), not only was it really good quality but he absolutely loves it (it's an uber-clingy dog normally).

    Not much help but wilkinsons had there christmas pet things reduced by 75% they had toys and treat stockings worked out at about 75p an item might be worth a look if you have one local.

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    Hi All, we do have a Range, a Wliko's and a PDSA nearby so we are planning a dog shopping weekend this weekend, I can't wait. Can I ask peoples opinions on these cages, I mentioned it to my girlfriend and said a lot of people recommend them but we both feel this is a bit cruel, is it purely a training exercise? When would your dog use his cage, would it be to sleep in and for feeding etc...?

    Thanks again.

    hi, cages are ideal for puppies to have some quiet time away from playing, they should never be where puppy is sent to if its been naughty. they are not cruel but just make sure you get the biggest your puppy will need as you dont want to buy small and have to get a bigger one when it outgrows the first. i recommend sleep time in the cage and perhaps when puppies are being left in the house alone until they are toilet trained, stops you coming into messy floors or carpets, a puppy will not want to soil its bed so they tend not to mess in the cages, you have to allow for wee accidents however.
    any other questions feel free to ask

    We rescued a staff bull terrier aged about 18 months old. Decided a cage would be a good idea for him to sleep in and somewhere he can go that's "his"! he's not allowed on the furniture so

    We never lock him in it, he just uses it as somewhere he can go to chill out. anyone who visits gets told to respect this, if he goes there it's generally cos someones toddler is making his life hell and he wants 5 minutes peace and it's my job to see his needs a met!

    Is it cruel? hell no he LOVES the damn thing if we go visiting we fold it down and take it with us so his anxiety at strange smells etc is lessened and he feels "safe".

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    Thanks very much for all the replies, all really useful.

    Can we just ask if anybody can recommend a book or preferably a good free website for information and routines for crate training, also any more good tips?

    Thanks again folks.


    Loads of sites like this out there/

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    HERELoads of sites like this out there/

    Thanks very much, I now have loads of info and feel ready for the arrival of our little Basset!

    Invest in puppy training classes, top breed choice by the way, I still miss my Lemon and white basset, very stubborn breed especially when they pick up a scent but very loyal and with a bark that belies their size, also very entertaining breed.
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