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    Some advice please wanting insurance for 1 year old Lab cross any recommendations of good policies and how much to insure for policies seem to vary between £3k to £12k of cover.

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    It's not just the amount of cover that is important it's how many different illnesses or conditions you are covered for each year.

    Say you have 12k for one condition but your dog get ill with a bad kidney and you claim 4k for all the treatment and he then has an accident which cost 2k, will your policy cover the second claim in the same year.

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    Was wanting some recommendations based on experience.
    Pet is £9,20 per month for £4k per condition for life whereas same cover with pet plan is £17 per month.

    Wish I had of had the forethought to get pet insurance.

    Dog was stung or bitten by something on Saturday and within minutes vomited everywhere then collapsed and has been at the vets on an IV since. He's a bit better now but I'm expecting the bill to be a nightmare.


    worth checking where the appointed vet is based too, a friend of ours had to travel 60miles each way ( 5 times in all) for treatment after her dog broke it's leg.

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    Have used directline - awful, petplan ok but very expensive compared to others, best I've found so far is Argos!! go via quidco/topcashback for upto £20 per policy cashback and discount if more than 1 pet insured

    Also a big consideration which insurance you agree to take out is if the dog is over a certain age like 8 then certain companies will not insure your dog.So sometimes its better to go for a higher cost when they are young if they guarantee to keep insuring your dog rather then the cheapest policy.
    Also the excesses are very varied depending on the policy you go for. good luck with your choice.

    Ask at a local vet also there may be a certain insurer they deal with / recommend , may get a discount for referral and at least you then know you havnt got to travel far if vet is needed , good luck ,

    are generally considered as better, and often cheaper than most

    have a lookie here…ts/

    If a condition is accepted then it is accepted for the life of the policy. Go for the premier cover, £6000 cover in total and it doesn't matter if that is one condition or several, u can use up to a maximum of £6000 per policy year.

    Would ignore the vital or classic cover.
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