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Found 25th Oct 2008
im looking for a cheap christmas outfit for my jack russell puppy
does anyone know any websites that specialize
thank you
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pets at home have some on there web site from £4.99 . [url]www.petsathome.com[/url]
when you are on the site just type in on the left hand side , dog christmas coat.
hope this helps.
thank you
not bad price either
home bargains have some i think they are £1.99 bargain if u have one near you!
hi - I dont know your budget but...
TK Maxx is worth a look as you'l get some funky designer pooch stuff
at reduced prices
Only draw back every TKMaxx stocks different/availability items
Here is some places i have bought from before:

1. Accessorize (High street shop) - Only stocked in run up to xmas so wait a few more weeks - these do a fantastic range of pet stuff including Angel, reindeer, santa, mrs santa, elves, actually basically all of them. These are in the 3 for 2 range. You can also get other bits if you dont want a whole outfit like reindeer ears, santa hat etc, all for a few quid. Also they do a great range of collars and leads and other clothes like shoes, leg warmers scarves etc so loads of choice for the 3 for 2 offer!! These normally do best quality and prices!!

2. Pets at Home - These do quite a wide range in store and as above do extra bits like hats, horns, ears etc as well as nice xmassy collars etc. - Quite good prices.

3. Poundland - last year my poundland did some bits but not loads. Good few bits though.

4. Woolworths - A few sets of different outfits, not huge amount but very cheap.

5. BHS - These has a large pet bit in stores nearer to xmas and have lots of things. My local bhs isnt even that big but they had loads of different things.

6. Matalan - These had some last year but only one or maybe two. Not that great to be honest.

7. Large Tesco Stores - One or two outfits.

8. Asda - Asda have them every year. They also do just the antlers, and santa hats for about £2 i think. In my local these are in the bit where all the jewellery is. There is a stand that they have all collars leads tags etc on and they normally put them on there and outfits with xmas decorations.

6. Local party shops - My local party shops always do different ones - actually i went into one today and they had the dog halloween outfits. Christmas will be in stores after halloween i guess.

If you wait til nearer to christmas you will start seeing these everywhere.
Most 'high street' shops that do pet accessories (and even the ones that dont) stock pet stuff at xmas as it is suc a big market now!!
There are a few more places but i think that is loads to go and have a look at 1st.
My favourite is accessorize, thats where i got my 2 dogs and my mums dogs from last year.
Hope i've helped.
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