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Found 6th Sep 2013
does anyone know a good cheap place to get painkillers suitable for a dog without a prescription. my dog is having trouble with arthritis in his back legs. I know human painkillers are no good for dogs
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Based in Cheshire and will send any pet prescription medication. I get all my stuff there and they are normally next day delivery and cheaper than a vet that's for sure.
Hope it helps
i hear asprin can be given to dogs, look here
well when my dog broke his leg the vet told me to give him a half of paracetamol as all human tables are tested on animals
and you can get more info if you look up on Google
hope that helps
Our dog is getting old(11) and unfortunately shes got stubby legs on quite a big body( shes a mongrel rescue dog) under vets advice we have tried a half of a steroid tablet a day and touch wood its working miracles and she seems alot happier.I would only try this under your own vets advice.
Be very careful using human drugs on your dog. You have to know their exact weight and exactly how much tablet to give them etc. A quick google will point you to some helpful sites. Regarding the arthritus pain, I have a Yorkie with the usual hip pain, he takes half a scoop of these granules every morning and has been pain free since starting it. It's a bit expensive but is like magic dust for dogs! Read the reviews and see what you think
My dog has severe hip and elbow dysplasia and Arthritis. He takes Rimadyl which is prescription only but I pay £7 for the prescription (for 4 months supply) then fax this to whichever Internet company is cheapest and they keep it on file, then I just order each month.
I know you said none prescription but as above be careful with human meds
When my dog was sick we only gave him anti-inflammatories from the vet, but when he got really poorly we were able to give him human tramadol - dosage worked out according to his weight.
I wouldnt give any medication to a dog without asking the vet , my dog needed a vet stay after i put some used teatree oil on her after the dog stuff ran out.
Try glucosamine is the dogs food.
Also for my old Labrador who had hip dysplacia and arthritis we had a powder the vets gave us for when it flared up.

She was still a stubborn thing & when having what we called a 'f**k you moment' ie when she was annoyed with us for whatever reason she used to dislocate her hips whilst crawling flat under the gate so she could go up to our neighbours farm & eat revolting things. She then used to be too lazy to go back under the gate & looked totally guilty stuck on the wrong side of the gate!

Brilliant dog, strong willed!
I got these a couple of months ago and seemed to be working i got the tip form this site ...open the capsuals and sprinkle on the food
thanks for all your replys, think I'm going to give the green lipped mussel a try
Did i say twice daily !
I would go and seek your vets advice first before trying something new
Metacam, get a prescription from your vet and buy it online.
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