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    Hi all, its 10 weeks already since I lost my little man. some of you may remember my post 'coming to terms'

    He will be forever missed and never forgotton. Although, I feel the time is near for us to want another dog.

    Im not too fussed on age, sex, breed or size and would like rehome a dog in need.

    Ive had a peek at local RSPCA and DogTrust but can anybody recommend any other places / centres.

    I live local to centre of Nottingham but I am happy to travel upto 50/60 miles.

    A google search does show many places but I would rather go to a recommended centre than some ones back yard off gumtree for example.

    Thanks in advance



    Go to battersea or the dogs trust

    No advice as I don't like dogs personally, but wanted to say it's awesome you're going to rehome a doggy in need =)

    Good luck with the search for your new family member

    You can have mine he's a miserable sod

    See if there are any in this selection you fancy at Manchester dog's home.…er/

    this place can help

    Babworth bark.. Nr Retford. (North Nottingham?)

    good luck finding a new best friend
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    You can have mine he's a miserable sod

    Funny that the fact is dogs take on the traits of their owners

    Wood Green -Huntingdon - maybe a bit too far?

    leicester animal shelter…ue/

    We adopted a dog from a Romanian death camp. Romania is swamped with stray dogs thanks to governmental changes... But many are captured by owners of the death camps and tortured daily. Many dogs and puppies are badly abused and put to death in really horrific ways.

    Failed Guide dogs are always an option too


    Failed Guide dogs are always an option too

    What if op is blind? oO

    Best of luck in your search. It will never be the same as your old dog but I'm sure it will be just as good, just different


    What if op is blind? oO

    Then he can get a cat and wont notice.

    So glad to hear that you are looking to re-home a dog rather than buy a puppy - so many dogs out there needing a good home. A very good friend of mine does a lot of work for Mutts In Distress and speaks very highly of them She has re-homed a couple of dogs from there herself. They may be a little far away for you, but I think they also do some referrals for other homes, so you could use their contact form to see if they have any nearer to you if they themselves are too far away.

    we have a Jerry Green centre near us that has a good local reputation. A friend of mine recently rehomed one of her dogs through them. It's in NG21/Blidworth area, so no too far from you.

    We got 2 papillons a few years ago from a place just past Markeaton Park in Derby. The state of the place was disgusting,and all the dogs are a mess, we had to have them both shorn(?) and straight to the vets the first day. If you take any dog from there you'll be saving it's life.


    list of available dogs for Babworth … list of available dogs for Babworth here..

    i live close to here ,some beautiful furrys to adopt

    Babworths a good place, last time I went there was straight after doing a charity bike ride for them one Christmas. It was full of Staffies at the time but they're good dogs.
    I like the list today, I'd certainly take to Hugh.

    Original Poster

    thanks all for the replies. sorry ive not been on much since my original post. im having a few car issues so that has took priority at the mo. i will get round to looking at all the suggestions.

    thanks again…ily

    lily is kind and gentle and loves a cuddle .... scared me when I saw that picture!
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