dog studding info please??

    hi i wondered if anybody had and experience with this please. basically we are studding our dog so that we can get 1 of his puppies, we know what we are doing on that aspect but another lady asked me if she could use my dog as her bitch is in season. they are both kc reg but when mating has successfully taken place, what forms does she need to register the pups?


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    any information would be greatly received, many thanks

    She just goes onto the KC website and registers them, they will send her the KC registration certificates which she has to sign and give to the new puppy owner.

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    so does she not need any documents off me, or do i just have to give her a reg number or something? thanks for your reply

    My mum looked into this, and you need to register your dog as a stud with the KC

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    could you please tell me how she did that?

    as i cannot find anything on the website. thanks
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    if your dog is kc registered she just needs a copy of his kc certificate and hers…ion

    You do not need to register your dog as a stud! You will need to give her your dog's KC registration number to enable her to register the pups.

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    thankyou i will print that form and have it ready. does it matter that it will be b&w? also dont suppose anybody knows if there is a way to change a dogs registered name?

    You don't have to register your dog as a stud! That I do know...we just gave our dogs KC details to our friend when we knew her bitch had caught...we chose the stud fee (equal to value of one pup) on both occasions as we didn't have room for another dog. Our friend dealt with all the paperwork but from what I can remember it was fairly straightforward.
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