Dog Travel Sickness help !!

    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone knew what would be the best thing to use for a 6 month old staff puppy who gets travel sick ?

    She only lasts about 10 mins before she starts drooling, and is eventually sick.

    I haven't fed her for several hours before travelling, but she still vomits saliva

    Any ideas ?? Anyone used anything that you can recommend ?



    I've always found that dogs are pretty much like children and grow out of it eventually. Sorry i couldn't help more.

    Original Poster

    Not at all, thanks for your input


    its all about getting the dog used to the car, my advice is to place the dog in the car for a short while, play with him/her but dont drive anywhere, extedn the time he/she is in, then after a while have the engine running, I hope you can see where the thread is going, its all about getting the dog used to the motion/car.journey etc, then after a while a short journey, say round the block, extend the journey and with any luck dog should get used to car, it will take time but worth it in the end, oh and make sure there is plenty of fresh air circulating etc... patience will prevale in the end

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    Yes - thanks for the advice
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