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    How much would you pay to have your dog walked for an hour?

    Just wondering because I've seen on a couple of other sites/blogs that some people feel that over £5 is too much, but you have to remember that the dog walker has maybe had to travel to get to your house and travel back again afterwards and spent an hour walking the dog, so approx 1.5-2 hours in all (depending on distance tralled obviously) and some people feel that say £8-10 is too much???
    Would these people also feel it fair then if they only got paid £2.50 or so per hour I wonder?

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone else here would gladly pay around £8-£10 to know that their dog had had a nice walk and all dried off etc too?
    I think that's a more than fair price personally if you think that they have to have insurance, use of a car and all that goes with it etc etc.


    i wouldnt trust anyone to walk my dog end of

    I think £8-£10 sounds fair - I'd walk your dog for that

    My gran does house sitting for friends in cornwall and yorkshire - they both have pets so she goes there whenever they are away.

    Last time she was in cornwall for 3wks and when they came home they'd bought her a Wii (she's 75 next week and loves it!)

    However a friend of this couple asked my gran if she'd go down 2wks either side of xmas and do same for them. She said yes and they paid for her to visit local hotel xmas day for her dinner but that was it, not even a token gift when they came home!

    £10 an hour is going rate and I have someone who comes to my house on a Monday & Tuesday to walk my pooch as no one home till around 3. Our dog walker is brilliant and also walks three of my friends dogs. Make sure u properly check them out as any decent dog walker will have went to the bother of getting a disclosure done considering they will have keys to your house

    Well as a minimum I'd be giving minimum wage, although it might well be casual work. If I had a dog, and couldnt walk it myself for some reason then I'd happily pay £7.50 per hour if need be. Or if it was a younger person ie a kid (my little brother use to do it for the neighbor) then probably less, ie when my brother did it he did it 3 times a week and got paid £10 but was only like 30mins walks.

    one of my best friends always wants to walk my dog for free,

    she housesits for us on holiday and weekends away and when i was in hospital having DD she had the dog then,

    we always treat her more so at xmas and birthdays her mum always tells her its the perfect pet all the fun but no hassel and cost lol

    also if OH is having a bad day and he cany get out to walk her, and i cant she will always do it for us

    I ♥ my friend

    Original Poster

    cheers for the replies guys, actually the reason I am asking is because I am thinking of doing dog walking business myself and have been doing some research online and found a few blogs as I wrote about above. It just got me thinking about how much I would pay to have mine walked really, and I came to the conclusion that I would gladly pay even over £10 as long as I know he's had a nice walk if I couldn't do it for whatever reason and was interested to see if anyone else had the same opinion.
    I doubt I'll go into getting keys to people's houses etc, as that's just too much bother to be honest. There is plenty of holiday accomodation/lets where I live and think that they would probably be my main clientelle (sp?)
    If I do go through with this business and make it work I will be looking to expand into the area where dogs are left at home and need to be let out and taken for walks etc and also have some other ideas too.. but for now I would just like to pick up the dogs and take them for a walk either at a beach/common land or near the owners houses even - prefer the former really as the dog gets to check out new smells and something different for a change.
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