Dog with Cat Y/N?


Advice please HDers.

We have had a Cat for over 10 years, he is perfectly well and not showing any oldness signs.

Would he acept a dog into the house and if so what problems may arise?

Thanks for your thoughts.



put the two together, locked in a room overnight, they either settle their differences, or you have one pet left!

It all depends on your cat! .... does he like dogs? even if he does you may still have problems as 10 years being the only one in the house is a long time!
A cat can seriously damage a dogs face!!! ..

my friend just got a puppy, and her 9yo cat has taken to living upstairs in her house...never comes near the dog, and now even won't come down for food, and has to be fed upstairs

i think it depends on the dog, I have 2 lhasa's ad the cats dont mind them, but we looked after a german shepard for a week and the cats wouldn't come downstairs. they do usually come round thow, particular if u have a calm dog, and not a mental one like a spaniel or a jack russel

do u never watch cartoons?


do u never watch cartoons?

hopefully there is mice involved as well!


how longs a piece of string? depends on the cat and dog. what more can be said really lol

oooh - NOT a good idea in my experience!!! My cat was about the same age when we got our rescue dog, who was about 2. It was like World War 3 for quite some time. They tolerate each other, but it is not a good tolerance!!! You might have more luck with a puppy, though.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!

I've just got a dog and have 4 cats,my dog is male and the female cats who range from 8 months to 13 years,are fine but my male cat soils himself when he sees the dog and rarely comes in now

My cat was 9 when we bought a black lab puppy. She didn't really like him but because he was younger, she was "Queen of the house" and he knew his place!!! 8 years on (yes my cat really is 17!!) and he lets her drink from his bowl and pass him in the corridor first!! He knows where he stands!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it all depends on the animal. My cat is very independent and snooty and doesn't like being handled so I guess that's why it helped!

Original Poster

Thx all, perhaps a dog 'foster' first.

Our local re-homing shelter do this.


"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!"

cat and rescue dog is a bad idea. dog and cat will be fine if dog is a puppy and raised to respect the cat at all times and vice versa. my bro has two large staffs and the guinea pig is the boss


"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!"

i was about to write the same thing and then i scroll down and find you did it.

i only came in this thread for that



i was about to write the same thing and then i scroll down and find you … i was about to write the same thing and then i scroll down and find you did it.i only came in this thread for that

It's what I think about every time I hear cats and dogs mentioned in the same sentence.

Was wondering the same. Have a 6 year old cat & getting a springer puppy in 4 weeks
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