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can someone tell me where I could take Doogee Mobile phone to repair, the screen is cracked and cannot get wi fi to work, it was only £50 handset or does anyone know where I could get cheap mobile phone under £50 just to be able to connect to work fi and use internet thanks in ad
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best looking on gumtree or local facebook buy and sell group,someone will be selling that has recently upgraded,i bought a doogee once big mistake piece of chit
Thanks lol yeh not such gud phone but am jus using for some browsing so only using wi fi but it’s not working and think it’s prob to do with screen being cracked do u know where I cud take this for repair???
prob not viable to repair if it only cost 50 bux
Cost you £50, probably cost you £100 to repair ;).
Yes, like others have said, not worth it... It would cost you more than the value of the phone.

Sell it for parts maybe and just use the money you'd have spent on a repair to buy a new phone.
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Yea the screen was bad from day one. Cheap for a reason
Had this a few years ago, cheaper to just buy another. I picked a homtom
4TheManyNotTheFew2nd Mar

Had this a few years ago, cheaper to just buy another. I picked a homtom

As far as I know it's the same company,
shadey127 m ago

As far as I know it's the same company,[Image]

They are a research arm of LG
I've had the HT5 now for 2 years, still last about 5 days on standard use without garging or less if you do a lot of streaming of tv. I find it great for camping.
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Thank u all for taking time to post
I used to swear by doogee phones
I'd buy one for work , if it broke I'd simply replace it as only cost about £50 a time
Cheaper than breaking/damaging my main phone
Just replace it for another throw away doogee
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