Doggy lovers - help needed re: worming products

    We have been subscribed Advocate for our little Dorkie.

    I was amazed to pay £25 for 3 doses !!!

    Online you can get it for about £30 for 6 doses but they say you need a prescription from your vet.

    We have a lot of foxes, slugs and snails so want to keep her protected.

    Is there anywhere we can buy Advocate without a prescription? or is there a combination or similar product out there that we could use.


    Sorry wrong thread...I thought it said "DOGGING"


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    Very helpfull, thanks :-(



    can't you just lube up and use your fingers to remove them?

    Drontal for dogs, same stuff as you get at the vets, available from places like petmeds, pets at home, medicanimal (this is who I got the best price from last time) etc. Most of those will have topcashback as well as being nearly half the price of the vets.

    Advocate is de-flea stuff (prescription needed) *actually this might be joint de-flea and de-wormer which might be why it needs a prescription as it's stronger as doing two jobs in one?
    Frontline standard is de-dlea stuff (no prescription needed)
    Frontline plus is de-flea stuff (prescription needed)
    Drontal is de-working stuff (no prescription needed).

    I can highly recommend Drontal and Frontline and you can purchase them both from the places mentioned above, and as they are the same as you purchase in a vets you know they are good, safe and quality products.
    Some pets (or, more accurately, their fleas) can become immune to Frontline, but I have not had any issues with that.

    we use "program plus" on our two and it protects against worms and fleas,in just one tablet
    the prices vary depending on the weight of the dog..

    i pay £30 for 6 tablets and that's for a large dog

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    i thought you could ask the vet for the written prescription then you could order on-line using the prescription
    i also use drontal and front-line on my yorkies with no problems

    drontal and frontline and you will be well covered

    as above, I use Drontal on my labradors every 3 months and buy it from my local Manor Pharmacy, they both need 3 tablets each and it costs less than £12 for the lot.

    Drontal I buy it from drontal is £1.66 a tablet and 1 tablet per 10 kilos of dog!

    bitseylango could save some money too!!!:) if you refer people later you can get £5.00 credited to your account too! so if anyone wants referral PM me your email address (you get free shipping on first order and orders over £19 but they have free shipping till the end of the month anyways)

    you can get cashback 8% through topcash and 10% through quidco!!!

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    Another Drontol doggy user here.
    Cost £3.79 per table at our vets! oO

    Will check out that link pont. (Edit: Have changed it for you as was wrong)

    Also, using Frontline Duo. Bought 3 pipettes last night and that was just over £20. thats with a 25% discount too!

    All for a small dog under 10kg

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    I was going to buy some Advocate online, but when I rang my vets to ask for a prescription they said it would be a £7.50 charge so didn't work out much cheaper.

    You can get a prescription from your vet for free - my Mum does it! Our dog was on tablets costing over £50 a month and now she buys them online for less than £20!

    i also use drontal and frontline

    I have tried most of the wormers/ flea preparations bought over the counter. Never had any problems with any of them.
    Reading the posts on here, though, I'll be buying online in the future as there are some very useful tips/recommendations
    Never bought from the vets, it's a moneymaking sideline for them to worm your pet at inflated prices. A bit like going to your GP for Ibubrufen imo.
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