Doggy Urine on the lawn..!

    Having seen the cat fur on the carpet thread (no thread pun intended), I thought I'd throw my pet problem open to the forum...

    How do you treat the yellow patches on a lawn caused by (female) dogs urinating?

    Thanks in advance,


    Get rid of the dog? :whistling:

    Only joking, the only way i've found is to plant new grass seeds on a regular basis so nice fresh green grass comes through. :thumbsup:

    Take dog out for more frequent walks?

    Create a gravel "wee patch" somewhere hidden in the garden and train your dog to use it (easier said than done I know, but I know of people that have managed it after a lot of patience).

    More practical thugh, you can buy some tablets to give to your dog that are supposed to neutrialse the urine - "Green UM" I think, will check tonight. We got some from our local pet shop (Pets at Home). May be worth a try, not sure how effective they are though.

    They also sell some spray you can put on the patch your dog has just wee'd on - good if you fancy chasing around the lawn after your dog every few hours!
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