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    Its getting towards that time of year again when it starts to get hotter, Cars are like ovens and if your pet doesn't die then its likely to be suffering, Don't leave animals in cars/vans on a hot day.

    Leaving the windows doesn't make much of a difference unless the car is moving and water bowls won't make any difference (As it'll be the same temp and gone in minutes.)


    there will always be people that never learn though:roll: i wont even walk my dogs if i feel its to hot out.

    You should need a license to have a pet.


    You should need a license to have a pet.

    and how would that help ?


    You should need a license to have a pet.

    you did until people complained it cost to much.[COLOR=red] NEVER[/COLOR] helped anyway

    Sorry but the RSPCA is shite! They are total rubbish, they have far too much publicity for not enough work. I aint someone who sits on the fence, and has a say about what they dont know, Dogs are my work and my life. Sorry i will get off my soap box now!


    theres a guy who lives close by me, he has at least 9 dogs, ranging from … theres a guy who lives close by me, he has at least 9 dogs, ranging from pitbulls to english bull terriers, they are kept in the smallest of sheds in his tiny back garden, they are never walked, they are used fo breeding (another litter this week)i feel so sorry for those animals, it has to be animal cruelty but the rspca have been and said " its fine" ( know this cos the guy went mental in the street cos someone reported him) wasnt me!i think the RSPCA are a total waste of time & effort sorry if this offends anyone.oh yes nd they have 3 small children in the house

    I know how you feel. Try your Council, that worked for me when I had exhausted all other options. Just one dog but it was so mistreated..

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    I wasn't commenting on whether the RSPCA was shite or not, Its just an important message to hopefully stop idiots leaving Dogs in cars on a really hot day.

    I wonder how seriously the police would treat it if they got a call in the sense there's surely not that much they can do? Either way it gives the advert a more serious tone which I think it needs.

    I was down in the Lake District for a few days over the Easter break which seems a great place for dogs - we had no trouble finding places to stop and eat that would allow a dog outside rather than having to leave him with someone nearby. This is himself 'cooling' down:

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