Doh! Help with Shopping Question...

    Just wondering if anyone would be kind enought to offer some advice.

    I bought 2 car seats from Argos last week, they looked a bit different to pictures in the catalogue but i assumes it was just slight variation on the material. I used one and then my OH pointed out that they are completely the wong car seat and dont have a function that we wanted. I dug out the reciept and checked the cat no against the website and what was stuck to the car seat and they all matched up so they have clearly stuck the wrong label on. BUT rather stupidly i have now lost the reciept argh!! I have my bank statement showing the money going to them. I called today and the woman said id have to bring it all in and they'd make a decision when i came in.

    Im not sure i have a leg to stand on sue to my own stupidness. Does anyone know if i have a case to have them swapped/refunded?




    They will offer you at least a credit note, argos are very good with returns as i found out the other day.

    I returned a tv using a bank statement and they issued a credit against a new set without any hassle

    Argos don't usually argue, I would imagine if you have all the proof you will be refunded or replaced with the correct one.

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    even though i have used one and dont have the receipt? Cant believe how stupid i have been!!

    I once returned a rather fancy shower head (to Argos), 10 months after purchase, using only the shower head and my bank statement showing the purchase. I was surprised they took it, as it doesn't say WHAT i Bought, only that I spent that amount of money. It was an expensive shower head though, and clearly not up to standard. I guess it might be up to whoever you see on the day, so if you get no joy, perhaps try a different store??

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    Good plan thanks!
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