doing a chargeback with a visa debit card?

    hi i recently sent some money £35 to a friend of mine on the 12th march to get some train tickets as hes short of cash, anyway cut the long story short he spent the cash the same day i sent him it,when he said he was going to get train tickets to come see me, and now hes refusing to send the cash back to me just excuses etc, is there anyway i can go to my bank and do a charge back on my bank transfer i sent him, i,m with barclays


    In a word . No.

    Basically you sent money to him and he's taken it. The bank wont be able to get it back as its his word against yours. You know why you gave him the cash but he could lie and say it was a gift. The bank wouldnt want to get involved in arguements with customers . So unless there has been some fraud involved etc , they wont get involved in any way.

    Its similar to cheques, once they are cash, thats it you cant get the money back.

    Sorry I cant be more postive

    Looks like you -1 on friends though!

    some friend, I don't really know - but I am betting you won't get your money back.

    Original Poster

    thanks for replys, yeah i know what u mean,cant believe he did that too me, but oh well, at least hes shown his true colours,

    Never lend money you cant afford to do without . Thats what I do with my friends for this very reason. Oh well it may turn out to be a cheap lesson in the long run.

    Well worth £35 to find out he's no friend of yours!! Bargain!


    £35 is cheap to get rid of a friend like that


    Your rights on Chargeback on Credit and DEBIT visa cards

    helpful link Karen.

    My husband and I have successfully made two chargebacks just lately. It's not as cut and dried and you think, worth a try in some cases though in this case probably does come down to his word against yours.

    Sorry you have had to lose a friend like this x x
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