Doing a Good Deed - Giving Away a Netbook!

    Not quite sure if this is in the right area to put this in (please let me know moderators) but I have a Medion Akoya E1210 Netbook (purchased a year ago via a Sainsburys deal listed here on HUKD, link listed below) that's now been replaced by a newer netbook.

    EXPIRED - Medion Akoya Mini reduced to £176.15 at Sainsbury's instore. - HotUKDeals Forum…347

    Medion Akoya E1210
    Intel Atom N270 CPU
    10" Screen (1024 x 600 Resolution)
    1GB of RAM (2GB of RAM Maximum)
    80GB 2.5" SATA Hard Disk
    Windows XP Home Edition Operating System
    Three Cell Battery (Runtime Roughly 2 Hours on Full Charge)
    Other: Ethernet, Wireless Card, USB 2.0 x 3, VGA, 3.5mm Headphone & Microphone, Webcam, SD/HC Card Slot

    I know that I won't get much for it for selling it on (tried selling it a few times but no takers) so I've decided to do a good deed & give it away for free!

    All you need to do is give me a good reason why you need it and I'll pick one lucky member from the posts received - I will get it shipped to you completely free of charge and it will come within it's original box along with additional wrapping as well.

    Edit - I'll pick the winner tomorrow afternoon at 1500 GMT! :-)


    Oooh count me in!

    I'd like it to use at the weekends as my OH takes over the computer and I can't get any college work done! lol

    rep for the gesture

    good luck to everyone.

    I really could do with one for work, and obviously wouldn't say no to a free one.
    I'd mostly use it for testing websites on Internet Explorer (I work on a Mac), browsing HUKD and let my brother use it for homework in the evenings.
    Possibly not the most charitable reason, but an honest one nonetheless!

    very kind of u
    can u count me in please,my 14yr old son would appreciate one

    Very nice of you!!

    If i won it i would give it to my 8 year old daughter to use for homework and playing games. There's no way we could afford to buy her a new one and i'm sure this would last her a good few years!

    Rep added for you.

    I don't need one but my son does as he is always taking mine for help with his homework. x

    Im in. My son has started college and is using my netbook ( so i cant use the computer at home if he takes it with him) but i would like to get him one of his own so he can keep all his work on it. I no he will be very happy.

    Count me in
    My girlfriends laptop broke a few months ago so i could send her it.

    My mum would love one of these, she has to carry her massive laptop to school everyday on the bus, and if she could use this instead of her laptop, it would make her life alot easier! Also I'll donate £10 to the charity of your choice, and you'll get a HAND WRITTEN note from my mother ;-)


    If your going to give it away make it worthwhile and give it to a charity or sell it then give the money to one
    Anyone can write a sob story...

    This is v. generous of you. Am overly grateful when people offer things such as DVDs but this is overly generous

    Count me in please

    Original Poster


    If your going to give it away make it worthwhile and give it to a charity

    [FONT=Verdana]I've actually done this previously - I gave away a Dell Mini 9 Netbook and also a Compaq Mini 110c Netbook.

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]

    I don't want the netbook for free but just want to say you're a star. This could help a lot for other people, hope it won't be listed on Ebay after you give it away, so make sure it is a good choice Scotty Boy..I didn't know you were selling, I could have made some

    Don't you know someone who genuinely might need it rather than giving it away to a random person who may or may not be in real need of it:thumbsup:

    I'd like it for my mum for something to do during the day when she is on her own, help take her mind off of her treatment for breast cancer.

    Repped for the good gesture anyways. :thumbsup:

    Very kind of you to do this.
    I would appreciate this for my wife while she is downstairs so that she can MSN me when tea is ready so she doesnt have to shout and get complaints from the neighbors :whistling:

    No, seriously though,

    This would be perfect coupled with a mobile broadband dongle for when we go away to our caravan so that our kids can continue with their social life with their friends and that way i wont be hated as much when i take them away from life as they know it every month

    I'd like to enter, it would be great for writting notes while in lectures and would be easy to carry.

    What a kind gesture.

    Well i have a bit of a dead donkey of an old one at home that has to do time shares between adults and children in the household. My partners eldest start secondary school in september so it's only set to get worse.... no such thing as privacy :-(

    I'd also love to be able to have one for meetings - i sat in a meeting yesterday with 7 people on laptops and me with a stash of scribbled on paper!


    Ooo yes please, I'd like it for my mum as she has ruined my macbook by letting my brother put yellow chalk on it & I have to wait my turn, for my own laptop!
    Repped xx

    Count me in too as my niece has to come to ours to use our computer .. be good if she could have her own .. :thumbsup:

    very kind of you, im not entering as i already have one lol but rep any way and good luck to everyone ! :thumbsup:

    I'd like to enter.

    It would be ideal for my daughter who is 10 and desperate to get a netbook or computer of her own.
    We've told her to wait for xmas !

    rep added

    what a really nice gesture my daughter starts college to do law and would really like to enter for a chance at your draw .

    hi,don't want to appear to write too much of a sob story but I would love this for my dad,he has terminal cancer and last June was given a year to live.This would be fab to keep him entertained at home and in hospital.Very generous of you and nice to know there are still some lovely people in the world x

    I would be very grateful if you would consider my mum for this. She really wants something like this so that she can get onto the internet to keep in touch with family in Australia and New Zealand via Skype. She also wants to research our family tree. As she is an OAP, she can't afford to buy one of her own and neither can I on her behalf, so this would really make her year.

    Fingers crossed and many thanks for reading this..


    count me in sister could do with a netbook for college and fairplay to you for doing such a nice thing ,good luck everybody


    Scotty Boy;8140181

    [FONT=Verdana]I've actually done this previously - I gave away a Dell … [FONT=Verdana]I've actually done this previously - I gave away a Dell Mini 9 Netbook and also a Compaq Mini 110c Netbook.Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]

    good for you :thumbsup:

    what about local kids hospital

    I would love this for my 73 yr old mum, I've been giving her lessons on my laptop on how to use the internet (especially for doing her shopping). She is currently saving a bit of her pension each month for a netbook which she has been looking at cos they are lighter than my laptop.

    Its a very good thing that you are doing :thumbsup:

    Edit: Have just read some of the other posts and you have a truly difficult job in deciding who is going to get it. Good luck to you xxx

    Hi Would be really grateful if you would consider giving it too us,I am a one parent family,my daughter has just started nurses training college and is desperate to get a notebook to do her coursework on,I did get her an old laptop but it has decided to expire and she could not recover the work that was on her hard drive so I have been trying to save enough to get her another one but finding it hard work to save as she needs a lot of textbooks which they have to pay for,if I am not fortunate enough then good luck to the winning person it is a very kind act you are performing Thanks Sue

    This is a very generous thing that you are doing, it makes me smile, and has brightened up my day just knowing that there is still good in people out there.
    I my self have given away tones of stuff in the past on freegle aka as freecycle previously and know how good it feels to make someones day.
    I my self am ok on my laptop all be it quite old now at the grand young age of 6.......but it does for me for the moment.
    I would love to win this laptop and would use it for the same tings I have been using this old faithful one for which is Running my Tortoise forum called Tortoise-Health and my group named the same in Yahoo groups. Chelonia are very missunderstood and many people remember having a tortoise as kids but for some reason it is dead now, strange considering they should out live many of us if they are looked after properly......hense the group and forum that I have set up to help to educate new and old owners in to the correct care that these amazing creatures deserve.
    It would be great to be included in this competition and I look forward to hearing who has been lucky enough to win.

    Dawn xXx
    p.s anyone who has a tort and would like advice please feel free to get in touch I would love to help

    I don't want to enter, I just want to say it's nice of you to give something like that away!
    good luck to everyone

    i'm in. If i said the honest real reason here i'd sound like a liar, so i'll just say i need one really bad!

    This is super nice of you, we could really do with a laptop. We have a really old one that the mrs has from work but it is next to useless. We would make great use of it and would be super greatful. I would love to be entered in to the draw. Thank you so much


    i will enter this and will let it be sold on ebay with all procceds going to charity via the ebay listing

    so people can actually see that it is actually going to charity and not my pocket

    This is such a nice thing to do.
    Can I please enter on behalf of my sister who is in year 10 gettng ready to do her GCSE's, she is going on a german exchange in three weeks time and this would be great for her to take with her so she can keep in touch with her mum and my dad as i have a feeling she will be homesick
    Repped for your kindness
    Thanks x

    Nice one Scotty boy,
    Can you put my entry in to donate to Help for Heroes.
    Im sure there are a few of the lads sat in hospital who could use it,

    repped for the very kind gesture-not entering myself,hope you find a worthy winner.


    Hi i don't get lucky much but might as-well give it a try oh count me in please oh nearly forgot the reason.we have a desktop PC that's really old now and everyone always using it so it would be nice if i had a net-book because i would be able to use the internet more often and post more hot deals for everyone :thumbsup:

    This thread is gonna get a bit lively... :w00t:

    Ok, my reason is that my son broke mine last week when he tried to take his Leapster off the desk whilst it was plugged into my system. I've told him he now owes me £2k from his savings but he only offered me his Leapster as a replacement, which he also managed to break!

    I was going to buy him a netbook anyway so this would be ideal, if he doesn't break it also.


    i will enter this and will let it be sold on ebay with all procceds going … i will enter this and will let it be sold on ebay with all procceds going to charity via the ebay listingso people can actually see that it is actually going to charity and not my pocket

    Good idea,its free listing this weekend:thumbsup:

    Firstly, very nice gesture Scotty!

    I would like to enter, so I can use it on the trains, and when I'm travelling [which is a lot!]

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