Dolce Gusto Coffee

    Evewing All,

    Just got our hands a free Dolce Gusto machine via a survey site.....we now have to test it.

    Anyone got any pointers for the best prices for the coffee / chocochino?




    Wooo which survey site?! I want one!!! I think the best place to look would be ebay, but I'm not really up on coffee. Good luck though and well done on the coffee machine!!

    if i was u i would just flog it on ebay,i have one i used once and is now just on top of the cupboard gathering dust with all the other redundant appliances!its alot of faffing about just for a cup of coffee i cant be bothered with it

    I have one too!!! Are we allowed to keep them do you know or do we have to return them after testing and reviewing?

    Tried mine last night - seems very messy!!

    not sure as i got mine free with a magazine not through a survey
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