dolce gusto pods

    After mutch thought went and bought a dolce gusto machine as an xmas present to myself and have seen adverts online for compatible pods for sale does anyone use pods other than the ones on the dolce gusto site or the local supermarket and where is the best deals/ tasting coffee to be had


    I haven't but be careful to check they are actually ground coffee and not just instant coffee. would defeat the purpose of having the machine. If they are good let me know. Be nice to give someone other than nestle my money

    asda 3 for £10

    they have some in home bargains

    I got some compatible pods from sainsburys before but they nearly broke my machine and tasted vile can't thinknof the name though, I would stick with the original pods personally, I usually get them from amazon.

    I know amazon have compatible pods but I've never tried them. asda always have 3 for £10 and my favourite is americano with a bit of evaporated milk. cappuccino is nice but you get half the equivalent as have two pods for one drink

    if you wanted good coffee buying pod machines are a waste of time


    if you wanted good coffee buying pod machines are a waste of time

    Pod machines are a good compromise between instant and filter coffee but i think buying cheap pods kind of defeats the object

    You don't buy one for the best coffee you get one for the range of drinks like the different teas, chocolates and coffees!
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