Found 18th Apr 2007
I was wondering if anyone can help me I purchased a .sc domain and when I checked on the whois site all my personal details are there for the whole world to see.

When I purchased it I did opt out but have now been told by dotster that I cant with .sc domains infact they were not much help at all.
Wish I hadnt bothered!

Hope someone can advise me what to do as I am concerned :-(

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I don't know anything about .sc in particular but you should be able to contact nominet for WHOIS removal as a private individual if it's a personal website.

]Why does Nominet publish these details?We operate a public registry on … ]Why does Nominet publish these details?We operate a public registry on behalf of all Internet users and it therefore make the records we hold available to everyone. The WHOIS makes it easier to track down the legal registrant of a domain name and should therefore help build more confidence in the use of the Internet.]Is Nominet allowed to publish my address details?Yes, we have a contract with every domain name holder under the ]Terms and Conditions of domain name registration under which we are entitled to publish the records of your registration.]Can I choose not to have my address details published?Yes. we appreciate that some individuals are concerned about having their personal address published on the WHOIS and therefore allow individuals the opportunity to opt-out of having their address details displayed.]How can I opt out?If you are a non-trading individual, you will be able to opt-out of the WHOIS by speaking to your registration agent who in turn will modify the domain name record held by us on your behalf so that your address details are not displayed.]Can anyone opt out?Only domain name holders that are non-trading individuals can opt-out of having their address details published. In other words, if you do not use or plan to use your domain name for business, trade or professional transactions you will be entitled to opt-out of having your address displayed.

Ahah as your agent (ie domain seller) is being awkward this should be of use

Consumer Opt Out The WHOIS is available to everyone and shows the name … Consumer Opt Out The WHOIS is available to everyone and shows the name of the registrant and their address, as held on our register. It does not show much of the other information we hold for Registrants, including email addresses and phone numbers. However some people may wish to opt out from having their address shown in the WHOIS.How to opt out 1. Do you want to? Opting-out is voluntary. By opting out you are asking to remain partly anonymous. If you do not need this, you do not have to opt-out. 2. Are you a consumer? To opt-out, you (the registrant) must be, and remain a 'consumer' i.e. an individual who has registered and is using the domain name for a purpose unconnected with any business, trade or profession. 3. Contact your agent The identity of your agent is shown on the WHOIS . Contact them (their website address is usually given on the WHOIS) and ask them to opt you out of the system. They can amend our register entry for your domain name. We do not generally action your opt-out requests because we offer reduced registration rates to those who register via an agent precisely because the agent agrees to do work like this for you. However, if your agent refuses to act for you contact [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] with your request.

Just use the email you should be able to get removed.

It shouldn't matter if its a .sc or not.

What domain registration company did you use?

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I used after a recommendation :x wish I had asked in here first.
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