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Found 6th Jan 2007
I thought i would post up a random topic about domain names that you may own or have thought about getting for whatever reason. I bought my first one about 4 years ago and seem to buy the odd one now and agin in the hope it will be a great business prospect some day lol :-D

Just today i have purchased blaqua

(like aqua but darker and sexier...go on say it...blaqua!!!)

i thought it had a nice ring to it as i am still searching for that great one word for my graphic design company i will open when i finish college ;-) One can wish!

I also own (obviously) (old username...don't ask) (a website about bars in you see what i did with that ;-) )

My personal favourite though...picture the scene if you will

You are a young boy/girl and your parents have gone away for the first time leaving you in charge of the house. You need to know how to do the most basic things e.g washing machine settings, dishwasher, cook simple meals. or perhaps you just want some advice on how to throw a great house party? well look no further than

Love it!!! :roll:

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I own a few but nothing exciting. Got offered 2k for one years ago so took it. Was, also had Sold both of them to the company.

Both avaliable again now. Nothing ever came from them.

I think the parentsaway idea is ace!

Lemme know when it's set up and running - I'll pass the address to my bf for when I'm working a late shift and he can learn how to cook his own tea instead of getting a takeaway! :whistling:

i got

was my home page now im woking on a wii project!

I own 3 domains,, and are just for my own personal use though, no plans for world domination hehe

I own quite a few mainly because I design websites for people! It would be advertising to repeat them!!

Also own a few for me... must get round to setting "mwp org uk" up with links to the others! Might be something to do today despite being at work supposedly working (financial year end at work means hod loads of work to be done quickly before the auditors descend....)

Where I register with websites etc, I tend to give an email address of "website"@ my domain so that I can check where junk email comes from (i.e. those companies that have passed my email address to others....

Hey ho, back to work....

[Edit to remove automatic url link to website - sorry!]

I bought a domain recently...


Where's the best place to sell it if I chose to???
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