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    I have half a dozen domains coming up for renewal, the current place is now asking for £20 for each renewal so I intend to transfer them elsewhere.
    I currently host the sites on free hosting sites so what are best options that include a free redirect with masking, I intend to keep the domains for some time so renewal costs is properly the major factor, free email would be a bonus.
    Virtual rep to all



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    Thanks, I couldn't see a renewal price just a registration price of £2.99 a year, is renewal the same?

    yes indeedy... used to be 1.99 for's a while back

    how many do you have at present? are you looking to keep them all on? are the sites popular or just hobby like sites

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    These are just domains I am playing around with, nothing serious. I've put the ones that need doing on 123, and will probably do the same with the others as they come due in the next few months. The people I was with before had charged £2, but now have a minimum charge of £20 even without any hosting (which is obviously where they make their money) so I am off.
    Thanks for all the advice
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