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    hi girls and guys,

    would like to ask kind folk here to respond to a couple of questions related to eshop domain type preference.

    for the purpose of the present question asking, when you respond to the questions below, please ONLY consider your personal preference of the domain types rather than other factors, e.g. product/service prices, p&p related issues, quality of products and services, etc.

    thanks a lot kind folks.

    (please specify your preference as in
    1= most preferred
    4 (or) 5 = least preferred)

    background: as an individual who shops online...

    question a -
    if you are thinking about purchasing pictures online (photos which are taken by strangers/photographers and which are of different themes, e.g. landscape, nature, portraits, wildlife, etc.), which photo site with which domain do you most preferred to visit?

    - .com
    - .eu
    - .net
    - other (please specify)

    question b -
    if you are thinking about uploading some pictures on a website in order to allow you or/and your social circle (or/and in some cases, the public) to view the pictures and order gifts, which photo site with which domain do you most preferred to visit?

    - .com
    - .eu
    - .net
    - other (please specify)


    of course some people dont care about which domain type a site has, but if you do have a choice, do you know which one you really prefers to others?

    oh and, i ask these questions based on the assumption that you are based in the uk, so if you are not and if you dont mind, please kindly give me an idea of where you are based.

    thanks a lot girls and guys.

    p.s. lastly, if this kind of thread is not allowed at this site, please kindly remove the thread - sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for not throwing me out of the site.


    answer to all is other - "no preference" though when i usually search i find majority are .com or

    the domain suffix should be something easy to remember, so the 'com' and '' are the most popular. Say someone told a friend about, they may not remeber the eu bit, maybes not heard it enough around and may go home and try, then, neither of which is the site they were told of. Just a scenario.
    Generally, I believe it will be better to find a .com site then buy it's site. if the '.com' is available then most of the time '' is too.

    when i buy domains i usually buy the from the uk and .com from the us. .com from US usually gets you it half price of uk procing due to exchange rates etc and then forward these to a uk hosting package:)

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