Domestic Heating oil at £0.364 per litre, £191 for 500 litres inc VAT

    I couldn't find this on the site and it saved me £20 on standard prices oil prices, so worth a mention I think. Delivery is 10 days, so this is not for anyone with urgent requirements however.

    Oil-club covers 85% of the UK and offers bulk discounts for households where they can deliver a tanker to other houses in the village etc. The club will tell you if they cover your area and they will find other customers, unless you choose to start your own syndicate. Not sure how that works, however.

    Other suppliers' standard prices at the moment seem to be between 38.2p and 43.9p per litre plus 5% VAT, so the Oil Club's 36.4p is a good saving of between £20 and £40 for 500 Litres. I paid £275 for same amount last February, so a good deal for me.

    Hope this helps someone.


    I used to use Boilerjuice as well but I have found by ringing my local supplier I get a better price and can usually negotiate. Moral is to try all three - this, boiler juice and a few calls

    Will a diesel car run on this stuff? A friend of mine has a large estate (as in 2000 acres not Chrysler 300C estate) and it could save him a fortune.

    not suitable for vehicles

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    Does anyone have any thoughts on adding the additive? Does it really give you 10% more for the money?
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