Dominican Republic health requirements

    I go in 3 weeks , we went a few years ago( 2003 ) & had loads of jabs including malaria tablets, typhoid , hep A , diptheria..
    this time we were only given hep A.. and its not because we have been before & have had them already as this time we are taking the kids who have not been before.
    I will give the nurse a ring tomorrow to double check but just wandered if anyone else has recently visited & what jabs they have had.
    although I guess these health requirements change from year to year !
    thanks !


    could you not ask for them anyway? 'just incase'?

    had some for Russia a while ago, but they said its not really necessary unless you are going there for a long period of time, or if you plan on going off the beaten track, outside the touristy zones.

    i had an injection when i went, and some tablets if thats any help

    i think it depends on where in dominican your going we needed a few but we got boosters 6mths later so are ok for 20 odd yr or somthing like tht did u get the booster ?? id ask the nurse they have the upto date stuff i think u need them 2 weeks before u go so be quick and have a fab time will be lovely and hot there

    What about Malaria tablets? You should go to a pharmacy to get some (you take them for a week before, during and 2 weeks after you get back I think).

    i went dom rep last year and was told by doc no jabs were needed, we went to the north side dont know if that made a difference
    have a good time we loved it there

    we was told to take probiotic tablets a month before we went and to take them why we were there to help with tummy and vitamin b tablets but no injections we went last august but i guess things might have changed i would give the doctor a ring to make sure

    Hi Kassy2005, I didn't have any injections or meds before i went to Dom Rep. I just took mosquito jungle formula spray and deet wipes and some Neurofen and eyedrops. I didn't have any problem with mosquitos in my room because the air conditioning was excellent. Its when you go outside of an evening the mosquitos are a bit ferocious. I hope you have a great time xx

    Original Poster

    thanks so much for all your replys!! it seems to differ tremendously .. I didnt have any boosters & I thought it strange that I was told I wouldnt need to take malaria tablets .. not going off the beaten track but i may well ring to just check
    repped as many as i could will rep again when i can

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    just checked with the nurse & we are upto date with everything thats why she only gave us hep A. .. Need to get the malaria tablets from the chemists thats all
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