Donate to Japanese Tsunami Appeal AND get a FREE GIFT @ British Red Cross

    Donate any amount to the Japanese Tsunami Appeal via The British Red Cross and you'll recieve a warm fuzzy feeling inside having done something good for your fellow human beings - ABSOLUTLY FREE!!!

    Forget flashlights and iPhone apps. This is the number one incentive. Gauranteed to help you find your moral compass!

    **Instead of arguing over the Japanese economy, we should be united against shameless PR stunts. Those who want to donate, do it directly…eal Straight to the people you want without delay or third party "admin costs".


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    ***The HUKD standard hot chick in lingerie pic added to give those who do not wish to take advantage of this offer a slightly different, but equally satisfying warm fuzzy feeling.
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    Having seen the DX posts, this could get very sticky! Especially with that pic.


    id only donate if she was the free gift

    I was about to say "why do you need an incentive to give to the appeal" but then I read the opening post.!!!!

    One thing we did as a family when we saw it unfolding was to ring the Japanese Embassy in London and offered to take in a Japanese family or a group of students trapped here if they were from the Tsunami/nuclear affected region rather than them being stuck in hotels etc. if they could not go home.
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