dongle choices O2 or BT? whats best/cheapest? or other?

    need dongle for few weeks, have bt broadband and o2 phone so whats the best cheapest way to go, is there much difference in the dongles etc.
    need good rate though as need to browse a good bit. non contract of course.
    any advice or links appreciated, and which model is best thx.


    get a 3 or something and go pay and go

    go for T-mobile you get unlimited internet browsing unless you download where u get a reasonable cap and there was a deal floating around for £20 for 3-6gb in argos cant remember exactly see if i can find it.

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    apparently am told both 3 and t mobile are rubbish when i am back home in NI. thanks for your advice so far.
    am baffled by the various dongles, are they all basically the same strength or not, dont want to buy a weak one etc.
    do they need their own sim or can the phone ones do?
    see am a technical muppet, lol.
    any knowledge appreciated. thanks.

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    bump 1 any more advice or deals?

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    bumpety 2
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