Found 13th Nov 2009
Whats the best dongle offers around at the moment?Ive looked through someand for eg o2 are doing a half price offer just now but ive never done this dongle business as I currently use virgin broadband, but was looking into going 'mobile' with the laptop.

Dont really know what I should look out for ie restrictions etc . any one have any advice? Thanks xx
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I'm sure there are good and bad experiences, but I've had a 3 dongle for 6 months and the reception is useless!
According to their signal checker I'm meant to be in a good area, but it means nothing, the speeds have always been terrible.
If you have to have one while travelling around, fair enough, but I would avoid like the plague in future.
if your looking for pay as you go, i don't think you can go wrong with vodaphone, you top up by a £15 and then when you use it there is no time scale unlike all the rest, the only restriction is you have to use the dongle once every 6 months to keep it connected:thumbsup:
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