Don't answer this question correctly game

A little game to get you prepared for the rush hour!

Simply don't answer this question correctly, answer it incorrectly.

Then post another question.

Really silly idea but it works
- GoDutchGo


Original Poster

Why is the Dodo extinct?

To reproduce

What's the point to this silly game?

Original Poster

Because it is good with toast.

Why is the sky blue?

Because the grass is green!
Why can birds fly?

Original Poster

Because Virgin trains were cancelled.

Who is the Queen?

The woman who invented the toilet!

Why do your bones click?

Original Poster

Because they love each other.

Peter Piper picked a pepper .... why?

because he couldnt sell shells on the seashore

why cant we lick our own elbow?

Because our feet won't allow it!

When did the world war 2 start?

on sky one after The simpsons

what is the best place to plant tomatoes?

in the cellar

Wheres egypt?

In used bath water!

Why is fruit and veg so good for you?

Original Poster

They turn you pink with blue spots all over.

Where does George Bush live?

Boris! - Wouldn't it be funny if i was right!!

Why are babies cute?

because they taste like chicken

when will summer arrive?


Why is poo brown?

to hide from the chickens

why does it rain?

Original Poster

Umbrella sales would go down if it didn't.

Why do some men go bald?


Umbrella sales would go down if it didn't.Why do some men go bald?

because the cheesemaker said so!

why is my room messy?!

Original Poster

Turtles have to practice sprinting somewhere.

Who says 2x2=4?

The ducks!

Why do we need to sleep?

Original Poster

There's nothing on TV!

Why are wheels round?

Because they turn milk sour

Who ate all the pies ??

Original Poster

Rasputin should have known better!

Is it possible to sing like a toad with a frog in my throat?

only if the frog is married

where do we go when we die

We eat ourselves and start all over again

Why is yellowsticker a rabbit ?

Because they love chaz & dave

Why did my car blow up ?

because it was parked in a war zone

What happens when you fall in love ?

Original Poster

Because Max Spielman likes it that way.
Why are tears salty?

Because your body is full of sea water,

Why do wars start ?

Original Poster

Monopoly isn't much fun today.
[FONT=Arial]Why don’t guinea pigs cost a guinea?[/FONT]

because bunny's cost a guinea.

Why do feet smell like cheese?

Because of evolution

What's the next question going to be?

A hard one!

Why are the so many types of dog?

Original Poster

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

If honey is so good why don't bees eat it?

Because they are honey intolerant,

Why are houses made with a sloping roof

So it's easier to fall off!

Why are windows see through?

Original Poster

To help window cleaners see you in the shower.
[FONT=Arial]Will acupuncture cure my fear of needles?[/FONT]

no but they can use sticks

Will herbal tea get me high?

no but fresh air will

why did the chicken cross the road?
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