Don't buy a Lego Ewok village from Ebay

Found 26th Sep 2014
Be careful if you are buing a Lego Ewok village from Ebay. zhaoy_uk2014 has several sets advertised but it is a scam. The same thing happened with li.fuwen last week and they have now been removed from Ebay.

Ive reported it as I did last week. I'd give them a call if I could as this scammer will probably get money before they close the account…n=1
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Why is this particular seller a scammer? How do you know?
all feedback is as a buyer looks hijacked to me

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They have 19 identical sets for sale. Take a look at the link.

The user I mention that has been removed used the exact same pictures and description last week
maybe he is just listening them separately because they are bids? it isn't unusual for people to list more than one of the same thing
I agree, however if you read the description they are all identical. I also sent a question to the seller who advised me they were the manufacturer!

You are bidding on a genuine Lego Star Wars Ewok Village Set Number 10236.
This is an amazing set comprising 1990 pieces. I purchased this a few months ago and have made it once. I have dismantled the set and all pieces along with the mini figures are included. I was not patient enough to put the pieces back into the correct bags so assembling this set again will take a little while longer but I was very careful to make sure all pieces were put back into the box. Assembly instructions are also included.
Ordered, cheers!

Ordered, cheers!

Hope you didn't as you'll be claiming your money back. Should have got one from Smyths last weekend for £160. Still expensive for some plastic bricks but I ended up buying one
lmao thats cool
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