Don't buy your USB hubs from Ledshoppe!

    Ledshoppe are great for a lot of things, but USB hubs are not one of those things. I bought that 7 port colored flashing hub, and that freezes up my PC when I use it. I also got their little white mini hub and that doesn't even work. Avoid.
    Their torches and batteries are great, as are the little gadgetty things and screen protectors. But their range of hubs are garbage IMO.


    I have the 4 port rotating hub and it works a charm


    i had a memory card reader and a replacement neither of which worked cheap old tat so no surprise i guess, just as well there was a code to get a free pocket led torch or it would have been a total loss.

    I bought two card readers of the same type and neither will work with some cards, SD is fine but anything else and it freezes the PC. You pays your money and takes your chance...

    I bouht 4 port version ,work great. Sorry to hear you had a bad product, they replaced something for me once before, free of charge. Worth asking

    I bought one a few months back and one of the components caught on fire and melted the corner of case away! Also had a card reader that will read the card but not reliably enough to copy data from the card to my hard drive. I won't be wasting any more money with them any more. :x

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    Like I say, most of their stuff is great. But the card readers and USB hubs leave a lot to be desired. The "little white hub", I meant card reader LOL
    The USB hub works, but causes all sorts of problems for my computer. Not worth the hassle to tell the truth. My brother bought a wireless mouse, and that is useless too. It works when it chooses to.
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