Don't Deal with Eckofan/Tsumei8! They are theives and do not send out items

    This was a useful thread as we were finding out info and it warned people of this member to hopefully prevent any more members being ripped off.
    Why did it get deleted/disapear? Could have at least gave me a reason via PM!

    edit -
    sorry about that seems my computer was being weird. Just dissapeared off my HUKD page, wasn't in recent activity or anything
    - Ouenben

    link to thread:…fan

    - Ouenben


    apparently you cant discuss banned/suspended members maybe coz of that. Abit silly if you ask me that rule.

    thats not fair i think you should be able to

    he tried to get me but FAIL lol

    Original Poster

    Its okay it just got moved to feedback
    would be better in this area though if you ask me as some people just ignore the other areas of the site.

    It's in the misc, more people will see it there and it's the best place for it
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