Don't forget...

    April 1st tomorrow (April Fools Day!)

    Don't be fooled!

    Post links here tomorrow to the fake news stories........


    Google Maps have already jumped the gun with their '8-bit map version' -…ls/

    Spoil sport.... I was looking forward to the posts.

    'people queue up for petrol for no reason'

    its what ,true?!

    any good pranks to do on a mate via sms?

    No its not! no fooling me

    I saw something earlier about a twins sequel, inspirationally named "triplets" - with Eddie Murphy as a long lost brother

    Must be fake


    any good pranks to do on a mate via sms?

    "I've hid the body, now what?"

    I've been fooling my friends with these

    Anyone seen any yet?

    Well there is this..... Your text here

    or these.... Your text here…tml

    The guys expression at the automatic shutdown made me chuckle
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