Don't forget clocks go FORWARD an hour tonight hour less doing something u might have been doing!


Easy to remember

Spring Forward, Fall back


Need more of a weekend not less - feeling so grotty as doing overtime I so need my few hrs off!

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Easy to rememberSpring Forward, Fall back

u reckon... I always fall forward!!

mine in the car is still an hour forward from last time

I can finally wear my watch again. Lost the instructions and couldn't work out how to change it last time we changed


Thanks for the reminder.

its it really 12.25 !!!........:( ...... haven't had my lunch yet!!!

I hated working Sunday's when the clocks moved forward!

not going to bother.... will arrive work late and leave normal time..... ignorance is bliss



I will now probably forget! How's u DLM?

I am fine x x

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I don't like losing an hour of my weekend.


I don't like losing an hour of my weekend.

You will get it back in October.(_;)



You will get it back in October.(_;)

I need it now though


they changed it to next week here.

Damn, went to put on my watch and realised I must have worked it out as I did change it. However I can't remember how I did it so have another 6 months of not using it!
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