Dont get your Quidco cashback paid to Paypal

Found 6th Mar 2008
My paypal account has been frozen - it only received my Quidco money, I dont sell things on Ebay.

I had submitted two requests for refunds the month previously for no show Ebay items - and one they declined to refund as it in the small print it says they only refund it if they can get it off the seller. The second they did refund - but strangely for an item on UK ebay and priced in pounds - they charged me a currency conversion fee that exceeded the price of the goods.

Anyway - I tried to complain so then my paypal account became frozen - and they asked for me to substantiate my ID. This was done with my bank details and other creditcard details, them calling my home phone to ensure I lived there, sending mail to my house that I had to confirm numbers from so they knew I received it...

So despite all this - and calling and emailing them - they still have my account frozen with 200 quid in it.

Strangely if I use paypal to use another credit card to buy things online - they seem quite happy to accept my address that they are unable to confirm (to send me my 200 quid) when they are getting the commission from the sale.

So - DONT KEEP MONEY IN PAYPAL!!!! - You could be next.
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I am sick to death of Paypal, it is about time someone sorted them out like moneysavingexpert done with the banks & building society's
paypal is shocking, if it was a shop it woul dhave gone out of business a long time since through poor customer care.
I got a refund from them last year from a bent seller dealing fake goods, they didnt penalise him and when he mailed to inform postage costs etc would be reimbursed for returning the goods, when this was actually paid thropugh paypal he told them some old pony that his card had been stolen so they refunded him the money, totally disregarding the fact he had emailed me saying he would return costs, it riles me they can get away with it.
I too hate paypal, it seems it is a necessary evil. Recently I had a problem for about two weeks when I could only pay using echeque rather that instant bank transfer, I was so annoyed, I have no idea why this happened!
I set up a cashback account thinking I could store it in paypal until xmas. However as I recently sold a couple of items on ebay I had to upgrade my paypal account . Which meant that when I got a cashback of 63p paypal charged me 20p - daylight robbery!!! Now any cashback gets put in my bank and if I sell anything I transfer the money straight away out of their money grabbing hands, (they're not earning any money on my interest!)
me and tazxx are still waiting for our 110 from paypal. been waitin since september. said they wud refund after 6 months. i hope they do.
Paypal are the biggest bunch of online ****'s, but there is little alternative. eBid is an interesting site...
Ebay staff were caught (from their server ID) anonymously removing criticism of paypal on wikipedia. But now they seem to be using named accounts to do it - as it does not show the IP.…Pal

Any paypal criticism posted on wikipedia is removed as "wikipedia is meant to be neutral - and posting criticism is not neutral".…Pal
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