Don't have a clue what to get....

    Basically starting out in a new flat and have no electrical stuff what so ever....

    Need a

    Fridge / Freezer
    Washing Machine
    Tumble Drier

    All at good prices, good energy ratings....possibly all in silver.

    Any help would be great :O)


    You will always get the best after care service from John Lewis

    And they always say "We are Never Knowlngly Undersold" so if you see an item you fancy, and JL sell it, they'll price match (athough this doesn't include on-line shops)

    B&Q have got a big promotion on white goods atm. If you know some one who works thier you might be able to use their 20% discount card

    When I needed these things a few years back I found what I wanted and then looked for cheapest prices. Decided on all 3 being Bosch and then phoned around for 'best price'.

    Eventually went with Bennetts in Chelmsford and talked them into giving me a better discount as I was buying all 3 at the same time. Have a bit of banter on the phone and most places will prob give you some ££££ off!

    Whoever you go with don't be afraid to give it a try!

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys.

    Is Beko a good make or no?

    how about asking around on your local freecycle group?

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    Ace Hayward;7607854

    how about asking around on your local freecycle group?

    Never heard of that around here....what is it?

    look up freecycle in google. its basicly a set of threads/forums where people give away items that they dont need as they've upgraded. usually a great source of furniture etc when you've just bought your own place.


    Thanks guys.Is Beko a good make or no?

    Yeah Beko is a good company.

    Original Poster

    babyblue;7607221 these good choices? Good prices etc?

    Are these any good?
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