Don't stop believing - channel 5 - who is watching??!

    Not usually my type of show, but one of my friends is in one of the groups..... anyone watching?


    no, on the computer

    Original Poster


    no, on the computer

    good one :P

    I am on the laptop meaning i can multitask haha

    watching but thinking all a bit crap so far (_;)

    I switched on after Corrie, and from what I've seen so far, I'm glad I missed the singing!


    Absolutely awful, only turned on as I noticed Ch5 has gone HD.

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    It is pretty poor!

    switched off and watching Top Gear lol

    Turned it off got Captain Jack Sparrow on

    load of RUBBISH!!!!

    what a load of crap! Has to be the worst one I have seen. Roll on X Factor

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    x-factor is alot better, i wouldn't have watched if my friend wasn't in it, gives some people the chance to perform i guess, but without this interest i wouldn't have watched even 2 minutes of it
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