Don't trust your eyes!

    See the picture below.

    Look at the centre piece on the top and front sides.

    Are they the same or different in colour?


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    Original Poster

    Another one I posted before:
    Are A & B the same or different?



    Top and right side = Brown.
    Left side = Yellow.


    Top and right side = Brown.Left side = Yellow.

    I'd say the left side was orangey, compared to the other yellows.

    Eh? I'm prob looking at the wrong bits...

    they appear to be different?

    Same, its something to do with the shadows or something.


    I'd say the left side was orangey, compared to the other yellows.

    Granted, BUT, OP said, "Look at the centre brown piece on the top and front sides"

    Front left center one ain't brown at all, it's a yellow colour, not as pale a yellow as the others on that side but not brown to my eyes. ;-)

    This one might explain better...


    I have always thought that the A and B on the chess board look COMPLETELY different, but if you check it on MS Paint they are the same :w00t:



    first time i have seen that one. if u cover the rest of the info in the pics u can see they are actually the same shade/colour.

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    Did a quick edit so not to confuse people (further).
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