Don't update your wii...(and other cool little things)

    Ok, this will be too late for most, unfortuantley I've updated also, but the last wii update fixed a bug in the virtual console region settings, if you haven't updated in last week or so, then hold off if you want to make virtual console purchases.

    Apparently if you change your settings to say you live in a different country then go to the wii shop you can choose from games that country has for download. Great if your fav game is already out elsewhere, or especially if your billingual (wish i knew japanese!). Anyway once you've downloaded the games your after, I'd say your probably best updating but thats up to you.

    Hope this info maybe useful to some.

    Oh and feel free to go listen to my radio on your wii @ user - pawsntails :whistling: or create your own playlist @ on your pc

    If anyone else finds out any over cool bits off info, post them and share.


    That's good advice, it would definitely be worth picking up the US versions of classic titles so that you get the full speed versions.

    So how do you bypass the updates? Just that from other users of this forum they say it updated automatically?

    Any Advice?

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    turn off wiiconnect24 (or alternatively turn off the wii when your not usin it, i dont leave mine on standby most of time.) That way you have to update the wii manually by goin to the menu and selecting update, at which point it then searches for an update since last time you did it.

    Also if you do this everytime an update is out, and wait a few days people have usually figured out what the update was for, so you can make use of the bug before you perform an update, thats what I plan on doing anyway, incase there are anymore handy lil bugs found.

    Nice info in general, like i said it another post i leave mine on and just recieve them automatically, but after hearing about certain flaws and bugs i may think otherwise now.

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    Direct your wii at [url][/url] for online flash games that will work

    That finetune things looks great mate, cheers.

    P.S. My 400th post wohoo!
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