i purchased tickets to go to York Saturday morning returning Tuesday evening.

    a few hours later i call to change the Tuesday return to Monday as i had to be at a meeting Tuesday morning, the call centre changed the ticket to Monday for me, I had to pay again promising ill get a refund after sending them the ticket. so off i go to collect my tickets on day of travel machine tells me they have been collected, after queuing for 40 mins at enquires they tell me the tickets wee issued yesterday in Edinburgh, so i go to cust serv and call thetrainline they have decided to refund all my tickets so I cannot collect them, so now I have to buy a ticket for return at advanced travel saving rate, fine, ticket to travel today would be 79.90 should be £15.50-advanced ticket rate!

    im well peeved
    i ave added it to my list of company's never to use, unless some1 was paying me!!



    i have used them loads of times only had one hic up with them which was a royal pain i also had to purchase new tickets when i had a date change and had to wait for a refund i don't understand why they cant simply change the dates and i always ask them to be posted to me b4 travel

    i would still use them myself

    And breathhhhhh... lol

    Bad luck mate

    Original Poster

    i am sticking with cross country- the operator, only used em for quidco,used to book loads

    Trainline always works for me.

    Surely if they messed up they'll refund the price change ?

    Write a letter of complaint, you never know you might get something out of it. :thumbsup:

    Good points actually, write and complain, they may offer you some form of compensation, as you had to pay a lot more due to their error.

    Drama Queen!

    The site is fine, you've just got your knickers in a twist! Have a cup of tea and a sit down and everything will be ok.

    Original Poster

    its not the site its the call centre muppets


    its not the site its the call centre muppets

    Classic drama queen! Wait until he buys a sandwich and a coffee onboard and they charge him 6 quid!!!

    Trainline charge £1 booking fee

    I always go direct to train operator for free eg Virgin online
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